The Dos and Don’ts of Attending a Punk Rock Concert

96My first punk rock concert was my sophomore year of high school. My brother was in college at the time and bought a ticket for my friend and I.

We made the travel arrangements for the weekend and were very much excited for the concert that included Less Than Jake and New Found Glory.

While my brother did give me helpful hints, I left the concert losing some cash, obtaining a sprained ankle, and had a number of bruises to top it all off. In hopes that everything goes safely for others, I thought I’d share some advice I have learned after going to a countless number of punk rock concerts.

First off, you want to be prepared as much as possible especially in what you wear and bring. With punk rock concerts usually packed with people, you’ll want to pack as little as possible. So males will not want to bring their wallet and females will not want to bring their purse. I say this because those things can easily get lost in the crowd (especially if you want to “crowd surf”). But the main things you’ll want to bring is the ticket, cash, and an ID (if you’re underage or would like to purchase alcohol). Everything else can easily be left in your car, but make sure you put the items you do bring in your front pockets to ensure they won’t get stolen or fall out. If the venue allows pictures being taken though, you may consider bringing your camera, but remember this may be an issue if you’re being pushed around in the front and don’t want it to be damaged.

In preparation, what should you wear? This really depends on you, but I personally would suggest to wear pants instead of shorts and shoes instead of sandals. If you plan to make your way to the front, you’ll want pants as you’ll be getting kicked around a bit and will need the extra protection. Also, if you think sandals will be okay, just imagine hundreds of people stepping on your toes. Also, bringing a sweatshirt or wearing a long sleeve shirt is not a good idea. As you’ll soon find out the venues will be very hot and you’ll have nowhere to put your extra clothes. Unless of course the venue is outside in a cooler climate, then it would be a good idea.

Now that you’re all ready to go, the fun can begin. But there are a few things you may want to know before you get too crazy. First off, you must think of where you would like to position yourself for the concert. If you want to stay in the back, just make sure you’re behind “the pit” as this is something where people enjoy throwing each other around in a big circle. It can certainly be painful if you accidentally get hit by someone, so watch out!

But if you’re like most people, you came to see one of your favorite band and dammit, you’re going to be in the front! One thing to remember though is that there are opening bands, so you may want to wait to position yourself when the band you want to see performs as the crowd may already be packed and you’ll be drained by the time your band steps up to play. While struggling to get to the front may leave people a bit angry as you push through, just try to be nice about it and use the words “excuse me” so people don’t start pushing you around for bumping into them.

While you may want to rush to the front to see “your band” during a set change, you may also want to consider waiting a song or two before going ahead to the front. This is because everyone has the same idea to rush to the front during a set change and standing hand in hand with people waiting for sometimes over a half an hour can feel like eternity. Also, this way all the pushing and craziness seems to settle down a bit and you can ease your way in.

Finally, two aspects of a concert that may be the most worrisome are two things called, “crowd surfing” and “the pit.” If you make your way to the front of a large group, make sure you’re aware that people will certainly crowd surf as elbows, heads, and feet all may hit you unexpectedly. Also, make sure if you have earrings to take them out before you go to the front. My brother had a friend who’s earring was actually ripped off as a girl’s purse ripped it off as she was crowd surfing. Not good, huh. So that’s another thing to think about.

As far as the pit goes, if you want to be apart of people just running into each other, crazy dancing, and mostly dudes just proving their masculinity, this may be for you. But for most, it’s not. Usually this forms in the middle, behind the front line of people. Even if you’re not apart of it, make sure you’re a couple feet away so people don’t run into you. From experience, I suggest going stage right or stage left to avoid these intense people.

Overall, I encourage anyone to attend concerts and support the music they love. I hope by reading this you can maximize your fun and also be as safe as possible.

Using Fake Tattoos for Concerts and Musicals

95If you’re going to think about it, at first it doesn’t make sense to use fake tattoos for concerts or musicals or anything related to music for that matter? You’re thinking that it’s probably hard to express music using custom temporary tattoos. There’s nothing musical about them and besides, they’re for kids. So it can probably work for concerts and musicals for kids as long as you team up with a good temporary tattoo manufacturer.

That’s a common misconception that some people have about fake tattoos. They are not just for kids. It just happens that kids love them more. But adults love the fun of custom temporary tattoos as well. Unlike kids, you have to make them more fitting for adults. This is especially true if you’re going to use them for events. You can’t just buy generic temporary tattoos of roses and animals and use them as giveaways to adults at an event for a specific cause. Kids wouldn’t mind. But for adults, they’ll wonder why you’re giving out something like that. They look out-of-place at the event. Some event organizers fall into this trap because they didn’t know that an experienced temporary tattoo manufacturer can help them make a design that will fit their event.

It’s just a matter of designing custom temporary tattoos. So in theory, you can use them for just about anything. Yes, including concerts and musicals. So what do you need to do? All you need to do is to come up with a design that depicts your concert or musical. If you’re a band, then you can put your insignia and band’s name on them. If you’re using them to promote a concert, why not put the date of the concert on the fake tattoos? You can give them out in advance to let people know about your concert. You can also use them as giveaways before the concert. Give them out together with the tickets. That way, they’ll all come to your concert wearing the same cool design. Just make sure that you’re going to have them made by a very good temporary tattoo manufacturer unless you want a lot of people wearing bad quality or unsafe temporary tattoos depicting your band or event.

A lot of event organizers would tell you that having a crowd wearing the same fake tattoos that you designed is a great way to ensure success. They’re very good at raising the spirits of the crowd. Depending on the event that you’re having, raised spirits usually mean a successful event. Can you imagine that same effect on your concert or musical? You have hundreds and maybe even thousands of people who are pumped up even before they go to your event. When they see the others wearing the same custom temporary tattoos, you have a crowd that is together in cheering you on. Because they last for days, most people will wear them out into the world, advertising your band or event wherever they go!

Four Reasons Live Music Is Better

94They say that even savage beasts slow down to hear melodious sounds. Listening to tunes can be enjoyable as well as therapeutic in some cases. While recorded sounds are plentiful at any time of the day or night, live music has special advantages and benefits for the people fortunate enough to be in the audience.

Use All the Senses

Recorded sounds coming out of speakers can have a powerful impact on people. Familiar songs have a way of transporting people to virtual places where pain subsides, spirits lift, and memories flow. As powerful as these sounds can be, live music has the potential to do so much more simply because of the greater involvement of all of the senses. See the performers with your eyes to experience their emotions as they sing or play instruments. Feel the energy released with the sounds. Performing involves a passion and energy that often surprises people who aren’t involved in the process. Artists often shed the proverbial blood, sweat, and tears as they work to perform for others. A live show often helps people develop a more profound appreciation for this craft.

Attend with Companions

The experience of attending a show together with others in the audience is often a unifying one that draws people together. Attending a live music concert is usually much more enjoyable if you do it with friends or family. Bond with loved ones as you share the experience. You will make special memories that everyone can recall with fondness later.

Study the Professionals

If you play an instrument yourself, attending a live music performance can be an ideal learning opportunity. Study technique and moves to learn more about the craft. You might see an innovative approach that you never considered. Skills and style run rampant at these shows, so you are bound to come away with something new to try.

Enjoy the Spontaneity

Recorded music is heavily edited to make it into precisely the sound desired by the recording artists and companies. When you sit in the audience to hear live sounds, you are privileged to witness spontaneity and creativity in action without any modifications or repairs. Artists are human, so they won’t perform perfectly. Chances are you won’t even realize when mistakes happen, though, because these errors become a part of the show. Live music carries an inherent risk of error, but this risk can lead to raw music that comes from the heart. Artists should feel empowered to perform heartfelt sounds that represent feelings and talents, also resonating with the audience in meaningful ways. Feeling comfortable making music that might contain mistakes can be the catalyst behind an incredible performance.

When you hear an enjoyable concert, make sure to support the artist who performed it. Earning money as an artist is incredibly difficult. Live shows are often the main moneymakers for artists due to the prevalence of free songs online. Attend concerts, buy albums, and spread the word about a promising artist you enjoy.

A Night of New Music With Christian Wolff

93This concert included a wide variety of Christian Wolff’s compositions. All of the pieces in this concert were written by Christian Wolff. The majority was played by University of Virginia students and staff but we were also graced by the presence of Christian Wolff when he came out to play his work, Exercise No. 1 (1973 – 74).

The venue of less than 100 people provided a very intimate feel to the concert which added to the privilege of seeing such a great composer perform original pieces.

The concert started with University of Virginia students playing Christian Wolff’s composition, Stones (1968). This piece involved the students standing around a table with different types and sizes of stones. They used different surfaces to hit the stones on which produced distinct sounds for each composer. There was no predictable rhyme or reason to this piece which made it hard to predict what was coming next. The variety of sounds and the preciseness of their use came together brilliantly in this piece, creating a very enjoyable overall sound.

The next piece, Pairs (1987), caught my attention for many of the same reasons as Stones (1968). The freedom given to the artists gave the piece a very unique an unpredictable sound. While the piece was very unpredictable you could tell that there was some order to the piece by watching how the performers would watch and interact with each other. Much like with Stones (1968), the performers would sometimes watch each other for specific cues before playing. Knowing that every sound had a general place in this piece but also flexibility added to its enjoy ability tremendously.

The piece Play (1968) stood out for me because of the variety of everyday objects used to make sounds. The majority of the objects used to make sounds were not instruments in the traditional since. Pipes, sticks, and even a top were all used to make sounds for this piece. This piece also contained traditional instruments, such as a guitar, but they were played in unusual ways. The combination of all these aspects added a great deal of uniqueness to the piece which made it very interesting for the listener.

My favorite part of the concert was when Christian Wolff came out to play his composition, Exercise No. 1 (1973 – 74). It was very exciting to see a well known musician play an original piece in such an intimate setting like that of University of Virginia’s Old Cabell Hall. This piece was played on piano and consisted of bits of sound separated by short pauses. There was no noticeable rhythm or melody. There were also frequent changes in tempo. The apparent randomness of this piece made it very interesting for me as a listener.

From this concert, I have gathered that Christian Wolff emphasizes a style of freedom which makes all of his compositions unique and exciting during every listen. Before going to the concert, I may have thought that the seemingly arbitrary style of Wolff was unappealing but at the concert I was able to see that there a basic structure to his style. This basic structure combined with the flexibility allowed by Wolff gives all of his compositions unique and interesting character. I recommend to everyone to not just listen to Wolff’s music but actually go to a concert and see all of these subtleties for yourself.

The Best in EDM Music!

92Partying and music festivals in Mumbai has been looking better and better with every passing night. With new clubs, bars and pubs opening all over the city, nightlife has been thriving. The same can be said for DJs and clubs, which seem to be sprouting all over the metropolis we know as Mumbai. With bars and lounges gaining popularity among young individuals in the city, the night time scene in Mumbai has definitely stepped its game up. While the local bars and lounges are all well and good, the music concerts happening in Mumbai are unbelievable. International DJS are flocking to Aamchi Mumbai, owing to the large crowds and the atmosphere of Mumbai. Some big names who have come to Mumbai for concerts include big ticket artists like Armin van Buuren, Hardwell, Dimitri Vegas, Swedish House Mafia, and many more EDM artists.

Another one of Mumbai’s DJS will be seen performing soon, DJ Shiva. Known for his foot tapping Bollywood and Hollywood remixes, the DJ does not stick to the convention when it comes to his brand of music. Effortlessly fusing Hip Hop, mainstream Bollywood, lounge, electro and house music, it makes his repertoire far more versatile than most performing artists. Having worked in the music industry for over a decade, the talented DJ has risen from where he’d begun, 10 years ago.

He’s carved a niche for himself, with his hard work, unrelenting dedication and his unbridled passion for music. He has also been awarded with a bevy of accolades for his work with music. Some of his famous remixes include Aaj Phir, fro Hate Story 2, Yaariyaan, Raghupati Raghav, from Krrish 3 and Dil Tu Hi Bata. He’s already performed at more than a few high profile events, some of which include Trikaya at Pune, Flags at Pune with Perizad, IPL Nights, Party Link and many more.

Now, the talented DJ will be playing at the EDM Night in Mumbai, at the Bombay Exhibition Centre in Goregaon. This will be a night beyond the same old music and dance. This will be the best electro dance music you’ve heard, the ambience of which will take you to the next level. If you’re an electro music lover, then you’re going to love Shiva! He’s going to be belting out hit Bollywood remixes as well as Hollywood remixes, interspersed with his own slight twist on music that we’ve all heard. Add to that some good vibes, and you have a great party on your hands!