The Best Live Music Venues in NYC

99If you love music, then New York City is the place to be. Whatever your preference of genre of music, whether you’re into billboard charting musicians or eccentric indie bands, you will find a live music show somewhere in the city that will appeal to you on a nightly basis.

Live music venues in NYC are found all over the city, however, the smaller venues are mostly to be found in the Greenwich Village, East Village and the Lower East Side neighborhoods. Several small music venues, like the Cake Shop in the Lower East Side, by and large have nightly shows in the basement of bars, coffee houses and nightclubs. Comparable venues in the village area are standing room only crowded spaces, where you will find some of the city’s notable up & coming bands. On the other hand, at other music venues in NYC such as Joe’s Pub, you can enjoy live music with a cocktail while being seated.

The summer months are the ideal months to catch several performances throughout the city at some of the best outdoor music venues in NYC. Outdoor concerts are frequently held at Central Park, Washington Square Park, Roosevelt Island, Hudson River Park and Prospect Park in Brooklyn… And most amazingly, some these concerts are FREE! Check the schedules of Central Park Summerstage, Siren Festival, Washington Square Music Festival and other summer concert festivals for New York City’s first-rate outdoor shows.

There is always a music performance somewhere in the city for you to enjoy. So go out and catch a live music show in NYC this evening or weekend, where you’re guaranteed to find some exceptional music.