How To Get Tickets For Sold Out Shows and Concerts For Less Than Half Price

98Lets face it! Going to your favorite Broadway show, touring show or concert can be a very expensive proposition these days. Tickets to some in demand shows have a face value of over $500 per ticket. I don’t know about you, but that is out of my budget range.

Recently my wife mentioned that she had a desire to see a nearby concert from her favorite group, THE EAGLES. I inquired about the ticket availability and was told that the only tickets left were in a non-desirable section and even then, only single seats were available. I was disappointed and my wife was MORE disappointed than me. I wanted to give them to her for her birthday, which was very close to the concert date. It would have made a perfect gift. But, I was feeling that this birthday present was never going to materialize.

Then, in a conversation with my daughter, I was told about CRAIGS LIST. And on the actual date of the show, just hours before the show, I went to CRAIGS LIST to see if tickets were available. Alas, there were several tickets being promoted on the list in the city that the concert was being held in.

Here is exactly what I did. I went to the home page and clicked on the CITY that was closest to me. In that case, the vast majority of the listings were pertinent to me. I then clicked TICKETS and the most recent postings were right there in front of me. Most of the posts were for tickets that were being sold ABOVE face value. Not my idea of a bargain. So, I decided to do things differently. I posted my own ad saying that I was looking for tickets. Within minutes of posting the ad, I got several emails offering tickets to me.

Then I got a phone call from a person who just happened to be located just a few miles from me. I sensed that she was not a scam. I then made an offer to her. The tickets had a face value of $185 plus a service charge of $15.00 making the tickets $200 each. However it was now just four hours before show time and she was unable to attend. I offered her $100 each and she accepted. I then met her at a public location and we exchanged cash and tickets. I also took her license plate number just in case the tickets were bogus. The tickets were in ROW 1 of a great section just a few feet from the stage.

As we drove to the venue, I got SEVERAL calls from other ticket brokers trying to unload their tickets at the last minute for much LESS than the face value.