Buy Your Rush Concert Tickets

97Are you a Rush fan? If you are then it is time to go purchase your Rush concert tickets for one of their tour dates in 2010. Rush will be having performances all across the United States and part of Canada during their 2010 tour. As of now, Rush is working on a new album and their tour entitled The Time Machine will bring in some of their new music. So with this knowledge of information make sure you get your tickets fast.

The sooner you purchase your Rush concert tickets like that of any other concert the better chances you have of getting great seats that you want. Of course it is always good to check out seating charts before you buy tickets. This way you can have a few areas picked out where you would like to sit during the concert performance.

If you are a fan of Rush, but have never been able to see them live then this is the year for you to grab up your tickets. Like with any other band live is always the best way to listen to your band perform. So what are you waiting for, get your Rush concert tickets today and reserve your spot for their 2010 tour. So if you enjoy the tunes of Rush now is the time to head out or check the internet for the best prices in tickets for this incredible live event.

Rush has been on the music scene since 1968 and they are still making music and going strong. They debuted in 1974 with their first album which was self titled. The members of the band are Geddy Lee, Neil Peart, and Alex Lifeson. Lee is the guitarist and the vocalist. Peart plays the drums for the band and Lifeson plays guitar and does the backup vocals. All three band members consider Canada to the place they call home.